That was a good run break….

They cancelled the half-marathon I was supposed to run today.  Well, first they shortened it to 10 miles, then they cancelled it.  So they cancelled the 10 mile run that was a half marathon that I was going to run today; totally the right call too.  Freezing rain, snow, sleet and awful road conditions are not your friend when running or driving 80ish miles to get to your run.

This is the first organized run I have been a part of that got cancelled.  I know the wording always says “We reserve the right to cancel this run and keep your cash…” but I never really paid attention to that until now.  In this case the run was “Lace Up Against Brest Cancer” in Rochester, MN.  And in this case I have no complaints that the organization and charity are keeping my entry fee (another reason to run events with a good charity or cause behind them, if you need more than “hey this is a good cause here, runner”).

On my quest to run an organized half marathon every month this year, February was looking bad.  In Minnesota finding winter runs is hard, and I don’t have much of a travel budget.  Needless to say (why do people say “needless to say” and then say something afterwards? clearly you needed to say it or you just wouldn’t, right?) I was bummed.  I got my January half in, I am signed up for halfs (do you use the plural “halves” in this situation? I say no) in March and April already but the February slot was empty.  Google search and fortunately for the low – low price of $35, I was able to find a Half Marathon next week.  The “Half Fast” half marathon in Vadnais Heights, MN.  Belive it or not Half Marathons in MN, in February don’t fill up! So I am back in the saddle (looking sunny with a high of 18 – low of 3, thanks for asking).

Today the weather and the cancelled run meant treadmill time, five miles of treadmill time -booooooo.  Boooooooo!  When people tell me they hate running I always ask if they run outside or on the treadmill.  If they say “treadmill at the gym” I usually agree with them.  “Yeah, I really don’t enjoy running on the treadmill at the gym either.  Try running outside, you may just dislike running instead of hating it then .”  I don’t think I have converted any non-runners to runners with this tactic but I will keep trying.

I ran for 5 treadmill miles, I wondered why the woman next to me kept getting off her treadmill and coming back 2 minutes later, I ate 3 free Tootsie rolls when I was done.  See, treadmill runs are boring.  Since I have not written anything for a long time I will ease back into it, don’t want to go out to strong and pull a hammy.