It’s time to get away

There are days that aren’t your day.  Today was not my day, and maybe it wasn’t yours either (I hope it was).  Nothing terrible happened, but a lot of those little things that tend to go wrong on the same day, did.

Fortunately, I convinced myself to get a run in this evening (outside even!).  I usually don’t run at night as I subscribe to the theory that exercise too close to bed time makes it impossible to sleep (National Sleep foundation backs this one up  So a run after 7:00 pm for me is not ideal.  I got out there just after 7:00 (late start as my wife was at happy hour and I was watching the kids, thanks for asking) and the repercussions on my sleeping are yet to be determined.

The effect on my stress levels however were immediate.  I could point you to numerous articles or studies that support that exercise reduces stress, instead just google “exercise and stress” if you are interested.  Even with some tense “is that ice or is the pavement wet” moments, I felt a lot better before I was even a mile in.  I managed a decent pace, I didn’t get hit by any cars and managed to not hit any ice patches in a way that caused a wipeout.  I put that down as a win.

Short run, short blog.  Now excuse me, I need to go tuck my daughter in for the fourth time.  She apparently needs to read the sleep article above and practice better bedtime habits.





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