Time keeps on slipping

When I have time to write blogs, I usually have limited material.  When I have material for my blogs, I have no time.  Like this past week.  After being stuck in the Denver airport things got crazy.  I did get home safely and so did my bags!  Thanks for asking!

We ran the dash, we ran the MONSTER dash last Saturday (Halloween theme).  I completed my first run in a kilt, which was fantastic.  Somebody should market running kilts, I would be all over them.  It was the first run in over 8 years that I ran with my wife Jenn.  It was nice to run with her, not sure she felt the same as she turned up the tunes to drown out my whining about my colds hands around mile 5 :).

I sweated out hurricane Sandy waiting to fly from Boston to Iceland, I made it on Tuesday, and now have been enjoying Iceland Airwaves music festival with my friends Jeff, Holly and Noberto.  It has been A-mazing.  We have seen 10ish great bands and taken in the scene.

At some point I will write something reasonable to try to sum up, today I am just checking in.  We have sustained winds of 35 mph outside with hurricane force gust reaching up to 75+ mph today so we have been inside a little more (hence this post).  That will not stop us from hitting the streets tonight for the shows!  FM Belfast is the headliner we want to see.

Top 3 Running Songs Iceland addition:

1) In Line – Fm Belfast

2) The Event – ReRoBot

3) Arabian Horse – GusGus

If you have any reason at all to visit Reykjavic, take it.  Great city with great people, good food and a distinct vibe.


Finishing a race makes you?

A)  Excited but ready for some well deserved time off!

B)  Depressed, I was looking forward to this event for weeks/months and now it is done.

C) PUMPED UP on an adrenaline high!  Let’s sign up for another race right now!  Like in three weeks!  Half Marathon, 10k, 5k – I’d do a toddler trot (and set a new PR), just sign me up!

D) None of the above

Remember the rules of multiple choice tests?  Always go with your first instinct and when in doubt answer C.  Well I am not in doubt and I will answer C, every time……. every time (my wife is somewhere nodding in agreement).  If I am in a race that means there is another race that needs to be signed up for, cue James Tolken as Stinger in Top Gun: “Son, your ego is writing checks your body can’t cash”. (yeah I used that already, it fits better here and the rules of comedy says you can use something three times, just roll with it).  Absolutely, let’s review this further.

So after the Twin Cities marathon (October 7th) I already had on my schedule to run a Half Marathon, at the Mankato Marathon on October 21st.  This is my hometown race and I like to support it, plus we go to Jake’s Stadium pizza afterwards, my personal favorite pizza.  I have never found a place that I thought “yeah this is just likes Jake’s”, so when I get a chance to go, I take it and get a large (you  should go, and can thank me later).  Last year after completing the full Mankato Marathon I ate a full large by myself.   Really it happened!  There is video footage and everything.  This year since I am only running a half, I think I will only eat a full large by myself :).

To this I have also added the Monster Dash, Half Marathon on Saturday October 27th!  Why not!  You don’t need to be able to feel your legs in November!  Oh, did I mention I get on a plane to Iceland October 30th?  I didn’t.  Wait, who agreed to this?!?!  I did?  Really?  You don’t say, but have you seen the awesomely fantastic Monster dash half jacket you get?  Well, yeah I still need to finish……

The good news is my wife will be joining me for the Monster Dash half!  She has been training for a 10k and was not only crazy enough to let me sign up for a half, a week after a half, two weeks after a full (stay with me now, I got cookies in the oven I need to check on) but also crazy enough to agree to run it with me (thank you).  Also, costumes are encouraged for the Halloween themed Monster Dash so running crazy slow is no big deal if you have a reasonable costume to blame it on!  So I need a good costume idea, you have one for me?

And back to the top, finishing a race makes you?

It’s Scary…

It’s my second straight blog written at altitude, which should count as altitude training.  Even though I am just sitting on a plane it certainly feels more strenuous to write this evening. I am happy to be headed home,  nothing like a quick two-day work trip to Seattle to get you through the last week of tapering (this is the rare statement that is both true and sarcastic at the same time, wait is that possible?).  I always have a good time visiting Seattle because it is a great place and I know some awesome people there that I don’t get to see nearly as often as I would like.

I completed my final marathon training run this morning, a nice easy 5k through the mean streets of Renton, WA.  Well they weren’t really “mean”, but the sidewalk kept switching sides of the road every couple blocks, so they were inconvenient (I ran the inconvenient streets of Renton, WA – doesn’t have the same ring to it).  It was a herky jerky run as I slowed for traffic or sprinted to cross the street to avoid getting smacked by a truck.  I also scared the crap out of a woman waiting for a bus.  Sorry!

I was running against traffic on the sidewalk and this woman was standing next to a bus stop and looking down the road away from me (I assume to see if the bus was approaching).  I had just crossed a street and come back onto the sidewalk directly under a street light about 10 feet behind her, when she glanced back over her shoulder.  What followed was the classic, get startled – jump a foot in the air – make a goofy noise and stumble backward that we all do in our own graceful way.  Luckily she did not fall down or mistake me for an attacker and pull out the pepper spray (or demonstrate her black belt Judo skills that I know she had).  I always feel bad when I startle people like this, it happens to me frequently on the trails near my house when bikers decide to wiz by as close to me as possible even though there is a 10 foot wide trail and no oncoming traffic.  So I yelled “sorry!” over my shoulder and kept going  to avoid the karate chop to the neck that I am sure was coming had I stopped to confirm everything was ok (since bikers buzz people on purpose I never get a “sorry”from them, come on bikers!).

Quick follow ups on recent blogs that people have (shockingly) asked me about.  I will be running with my fanny pack.  Showing off that incredible piece of equipment to 300,000 plus spectators is just too good an opportunity to pass up.  The weather looks a little chilly actually for the run on Sunday.  Depending on your source the high is going to be about 57 (F) with partly cloudy skies.  This means the temp at the 8:00 am start time will most likely be in the 30’s!  I love it, and will be in full 10:00 minute pace reverse spilt mode.  No weather excuses will be tolerated.

Carbo loading started in earnest today, lot’s of rice, potatoes and pancakes for me over the next 60 hours.  What is your favorite carb to load up with?  And any tips for getting some sleep the night before a big run?