You can’t control the weather, but you can worry about it.


I checked the temp this morning before heading out the door. reported it was 41 degrees (fahrenheit) in Bloomington.  It also add the handy stat that it “felt like” 41 degrees…..  Liars!  It felt like my ears were going to freeze to my head, it felt like somebody was rolling ice balls down my face (yes even in the cold I am able to sweat at a profuse rate – lucky me!) and my hands were numb by the end of my 5 mile run.  I can officially report it did not “feel like” 41 degrees, thanks for guessing though

I could have dressed more appropriately for the occasion, and the breeze did not help. But, I am always afraid of getting “hot” on my runs.  So I tend to under-dress and tough out the cold (“tough” is a relative term). As opposed to getting “hot” in a hat or too many layers, I get cold in a long sleeve t-shirt and shorts.  Definitely a mental challenge for me here.  My wife has pointed this out previously (in an effort to help); my attitude about running in heat and the sun is poor.  So guess what, when it is hot or sunny I end up having a bad run (you didn’t see that coming did you? you did! wow!).  Which brings us to tomorrow (September 28th).

Tomorrow we will be 10 days out from the Twin Cities Marathon, and October 7th will make it’s first appearance on the 10 day forecast (mental, yes).  Here is what it looks like for Friday and Saturday right now:

Yes please!  I will take the exact same weather on Sunday as we may be  getting on Saturday (sorry spectators, you wear a hat and gloves and you will be fine).  So today I am worrying about what’s guess about October 7th’s weather will be tomorrow.  You follow that?

The run itself was good; legs feel great, feet feel great.  Knocked out 5 miles   and ticked another run off a long list of runs (really I filled it in yellow on my spreadsheet – to give you the true visual).  Three left.

Anybody else get crazy about the weather forecast for race day?  How about ideas on how to not be mental about the weather forecast for race day?