Don’t blog angry

It’s 4:41 am Mountain time.  I am sitting in the Denver airport with all my devices plugged in to the only electrical outlet I could find.  Nervous Ipod, Ipad and laptop owners are pacing eyeing me up.  Trying to decide if they should just ask to use one of the two plugs I am taking up (just ask I will totally share) or if they should keep looking.  I am tethering my laptop to my cell phone patiently waiting for an email that is my ticket home.  I am tired, I am cranky and I bet I have awful breath (onions from my cheeseburger 10 hours ago are showing my minty gum who is boss).

After sitting on the plane for 3 hours in line to be de-iced we had to return to the gate.  As part of the passengers bill of rights you can’t keep people on the plane for more than 3 hours.  After a 45 minute wait we got back on and were told 1 hour to de-icing and we would be off……. 3 hours later we were back at the gate.  Breathe with me…….  My 7:10 pm flight is now a 8:47 am flight and nobody is sure if my bag is at the carousel or will be put on my new flight, so I got that going for me (which is nice).  Honestly I just need to be home to get Elise to her Daycare Halloween party, it is amazing how having kids changes your perspective.  I can deal with the other ramifications of this total disaster of an evening into early morning, but I don’t want to let Elise down.  I need to be home by 5 pm.

Don’t blog angry!  I did get in a 3 mile run in Denver this morning, all my pieces still function after going full-out on Sunday at the Mankato-Half Marathon (Hooray!).  Now all I have left on the 2012 race calendar is the Monster Dash half-Marathon (in costume of course) this Saturday.

The run was easy but I did get the “altitude” lung burn right out of the gate.  It was my attempt at altitude training and I really think it will push me to new levels this weekend :).

Keeping up with Evelinruns over at:

My three favorite running songs for the week:

1) “Push” – The Presets

2) “Over” – GusGus (if things go well I will get to see them live in Iceland in about a week!)

3) “Let’s Go Crazy” – Prince (“We’re not going to let the elevator break us down”)

Is this a coherent blog?  Will I get my email confirmation for my new flight?  Did I share my plug-in? (Yes I did, but I had to offer nobody was brave enough to ask).  Will I ever see my bag again?

How about a question you can answer; what are you listening to?


Take that, Cholesterol!

There are few things better than accomplishing a goal (for me cheeseburgers, red wine and good music might be the few I can list here).  March 2011 I set out to complete my first Marathon and more importantly improve my overall health.  I was weighing in heavier than ever and was not physically active (like at all).  So I needed to do something.

My friend Darik had completed the Twin Cities Marathon in 2010 and was recruiting friends to train for 2011.  We had talked about his training the previous summer and he didn’t seem to hate it, and in fact was going to give it another go!  So against my better judgement (and the advice of most “experts”) I went from not running at all to training for a Marathon.

Along the way I ended up at the Doctor’s office for a physical. And believe it or not my no exercising, cheeseburger and wine loving self had high cholesterol.  Not so high that I needed to take medication (yet) but high enough that I agreed to change my eating habits and come back to have it checked again in just over a year.

I ended up finishing the Mankato Marathon last year in 5 hours and 14 minutes (slow and steady finishes the race!) and have been training for the Twin Cities marathon this year.  I have been eating better, most of the time (I still indulge and eat out too much) and obviously exercising.  So my Dr. appointment last week was something that I had been looking forward to for quite some time.  Did I make enough changes to see an improvement?  I had lost about 30 pounds, and felt great but I was looking for the numbers to tell me I was successful (yes, I have a need for validation issue.  But it isn’t that bad?….. don’t answer that)

My lab results came in the mail, and they were positive!  My total cholesterol had dropped into the very top of the “normal” range, my HDL (good cholesterol) was up and my LDL (bad cholesterol) also just snuck inside the “normal” range.  All those pre-lunch salads, bowls of oatmeal and runs had paid off.

If you are interested about what cholesterol is, why you should monitor it and what you can do to lower it check out the American Heart societies’ page here:  There is great information here that definitely helped me get moving in the right direction.

Now, how do I stay motivated to keep at it?  Anybody have any tips, tricks, ideas to share?