I hit a couple of milestones on my running journey this past week.  My run on Sunday pushed me over 100 miles for September (102 if you’re scoring at home, or even if you’re alone*).  I averaged 3.4 miles a day for the month.  Last April when I started this running stuff I couldn’t go much more than a mile without a walk break.  It really is incredible what you can achieve with a good training plan (thanks Jeff Galloway!) dedication and the support of your friends and family.  My wife and friend Darik get big props for listening to me whine about the heat, plantar fasciitis and every other annoying running issue you can have (mentioning this in my blog automatically repays both of you for your time right?  Awesome let’s call it good.)

My 5k run this morning put me just over 1000 miles since I started keeping track last May.  I have been looking forward to that for a while.  I use Nike+ website and they have all sorts of goofy color levels to track your progress (I have been “blue” forever, and if I keep running I can totally hit purple!  Which turns my screen background purple and umm well, see it’s purple!) but I have been more focused on the numbers that make sense to me like 500 miles, 1000 miles etc.  I felt good eating my oatmeal this morning knowing I got there.

The timing of these two items could not have been better.  I mentioned before that I am fully entrenched in the “was it enough?” portion of my training.  I have been questioning the strategies that I followed so carefully just last month.  I have replayed my failed attempt to finish the Twin Cities marathon last year (I did get back up and finish the Mankato Marathon 3 weeks later, using my struggles to guide me and help me avoid the pitfalls from my first marathon attempt) and contemplated how it will be different this time.

The captain just reported that all electronics need to be turned off for landing, which means we are in Seattle!

1 run and my favorite part of running, carbo loading, left.


2 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. I am obsessed with nike Color levels. I’m at blue now and have this crazy idea to try and get to purple by the end of the year. I’m running my first marathon in about 6 weeks so that should get my miles up.

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